winning percentage?

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Re: winning percentage?

Postby Majorwoods » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:40 pm

I agree with brotherhood. There div.3 winning percentage should not be taken into account. Take the 7 games they play in div.2 and top 4 winning percentages make it into the playoffs. But if the wolf PAC make it in the top 4 disqualify them based on the fact they throw muffins for punches
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Re: winning percentage?

Postby Greydon » Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:13 pm

Hey guys a few points for your consideration.

Div Winning %

If will be for games played in the division only. The Fugitives will only play 7 games giving them a small sample (which could be either good or bad for them), where the rest of the D2 teams will have a more accurate sample size with more games played. Keep in mind all the other D2 teams also got a win against a team who should have been in D3 this year so your current winning % is inflated vs the fugitives as the Fugitives will not be given the opportunity to play a D3 team and have that win count.

Winning % is really no different than the points system the weight for a win vs tie vs loss is exactly the same as 2 points-1 point-0 points. The change is that we took the 8th place team out of the equation and added a team that is for all intents and purposes better than the team we moved.

SO, the fugitives will sink or swim based on their performance against the division 2 teams (7 games), and the other division 2 teams will sink or swim based on their performance against the division 2 teams (16 games).

This takes ALL subjectivity out of the equation and is purely based on performance within the division.


It, the playoff format, was clearly articulated to the division two team reps who voted on a 16 game season with top 4 making the playoffs at the league meeting in May. The decision, which I repeat, was clearly articulated and voted on was to add two randomly selected games at the beginning of the year (2 games) to be followed by a double round robin (14 games) so that ALL division two teams would get a 16 game season just like the D1 and D3 teams. This meant that playoff would only be 2 rounds with top 4 making it, there is no A and B side split, no 6 teams and bye week for 1 and 2 (which we could do had we only went with one randomly selected game at the beginning of the season) it was decided to provide the largest # of games for ALL the teams at the expense of two wild card playoff teams.
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Re: winning percentage?

Postby BlitzSingh » Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:07 pm

Simply put, Fugitives go 5-2 or better they will finish in the top 2 of Div II and deserve to be in the top 4 playoffs. Many are questioning and comparing their situation within the league to previous similar teams (i.e. The Raiders). So why place a team through previous methods to possibly finish 3rd or 4th just so the teams they beat feel better about their season standings. If The Fugitives can beat almost all of the Div II teams, they deserve to be in the top 2 and will be going to Div I next year. It is up to the rest of the Div II teams to show up and compete. So far, we all got a guaranteed win or two in the first half, whereas, The Fugitives did not.

If you beat them, that loss is equivalent to them suffering two losses. If they decide to play the system and tank a game or two and say finish 4-3 or worse, they will finish most likely 5th and be out of playoffs and argument is over.

I'm pretty sure they will be 2-0 after this week by beating the current #2 and #4 seeds, and are earning their way to a top two spot along the way.

Div 1 looks forward to having them and allowing the rest of us to enjoy the wonderful comforts of Div II.

Enough said and now let's go play some football!!!
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Re: winning percentage?

Postby Totty » Thu Aug 14, 2014 4:33 pm

Glad we cleared that up, that makes more sense.

As for the playoff confusion, I blame Rob as he made it sound like it was being considered for changes.
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Re: winning percentage?

Postby Piterparker2 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 5:19 am

I think that they can win and the winning percentage is quite high..
The only thing that bothers me is how much money to bet on them..
Maybe I'll bet some crypto some say that with bitcoin blender it's very safe to make any transactions now.
What do you think about it guys? Can they really win or not?
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